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Our Upcoming Courses

We are currently running Kitchen Challenge with Rob Rees Food Works Australia

We have had great SUCCESS with our program. 50% of participants who complete our course are gaining employment as a result.

We have heard from waiters, waitresses, bar managers, barista's, chefs, kitchen hands and almost anyone you can think of who works with food. Our network offers potentials to connect with local people who can make a difference to someone with a passion for food.

Our four-day course covers the things you need to know from the start. You'll do work experience at a local business which will be great to update your resume. We have had conversations with over 50 local food businesses. This course has been built from listening to people who work in restaurants and cafe's in Traralgon, Morwell, Moe, Glengarry, Churchill and Yallourn North. We asked them what they look for when they employ someone and you would be surprised with the answers. Our course is based on those answers.

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Here is our current cohort Kitchen Challenge #9

Here is our current cohort Kitchen Challenge #9